Side Project - week 2 - creating agenda

July 17, 2022 | Tags: #holiday-contest #firestarters #course #summary

tl;dr - What I planned to do and What I’ve done

The plan was:

  1. Gather more form answers - Failed here. I run ads on fb, wasted 30 zł and gather 2 more form answers.
  2. Create Agenda - I’ve done first iteration of building the agenda (results below)
  3. Figure out the price - 200 zł - for first VIP edition only.
  4. Create lead magnet - failed.

1. Form answers

The goal was to gather more answers for my course form and test it on fb ads. I set the price for about 5zł/day and set ads for Polish and English programmers community. The ads ran for few days spending 30zł and in result gave me 2 more answers. I decided to stop it and try again next week with landing page and lead magnet. I’ll let you know how it works!

2. Agenda

The course will have 6 modules with about 6 lessons each. Whole can be categorized into 2 parts:

The first one will focus on Soft Skills. Going into modules details:

  • Demeanor - The fundament for the whole course. I think hard skills aren’t as important as your demeanor, as the way you behave. 5 years of study aren’t necessary to be noticed and appreciated. What we need is the right Demeanor. We’ll cover that in this module
  • Communication - Another key thing when we want to work with people.Get out from the basement and talk to people - the days of stereotypical programmers are over. How to communicate in way that everybody understand you well, no matter they are tech or business people.
  • Technology - How to be up to date with all new technologies? New languages, frameworks etc. Is it even possible to be up to date? How to build prototypes to fast validate your idea, or to know new technology?

The second one will focus on Hard Skills.

  • Clean Code - You theoretically know SOLID, DRY etc but how use them practically. How to turn theory into practice. When to use them and when we can skip them. Why clean code matters?
  • System design - Long-term thinking, how to think like a senior? Are microservices the answer for everything? How and when to refactor?
  • Devops - CI/CD, IAAS, IAAC - what are they stands for? Should you be the full fullstack (frontend + backend + devops)? How to speed up your work and introduce new standards.

3. Price

I have some thoughts about max price, but today I’ll focus on the minimum starting price. I’d like the first edition to be a VIP edition with special prices and bonuses.

VIP Edition will have the lowest price ever. And It’s the only chance to get this course for such a low price. The price for whole course will be 200 zł but it won’t repeat in the future.

4. Lead magnet

Not done yet. It will be the first priority for next week.

If you’re interested in course

And want to help, fill one of the form:


Plans for next week

  1. Create lead magnet
  2. Create landing page
  3. Set up ads and gather emails
  4. Second iteration of building agenda - gather materials

The motivation to start such a project was holiday contest organized in one of the communities I’m part of. It’s called Firestarters: the polish community of entrepreneurs

All for now!
Have a nice day and see you soon!

Written by Jakub.