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Solution-wide analysis – deal with post build hidden errors on views Blog

There are some hidden errors that won’t be shown after solution build. One of them are errors on views which are shown only when the file is open… But we won’t open every file to check if there is any error. Fortunately, there are ways to check it with less effort. One of them is to use an external tool or more precisely one feature of ReSharper. The feature is called solution-wide analysis and you can check it...

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Decorator – structural design pattern Blog

It’s time to start a series of design patterns. The first will be decorator which is one of the structural design patterns. But what are design patterns and when should we use them?  They are instructions or templates which can be used to resolve commonly occurring problems. They’re our programmer’s toolbox for everyday problems. So this time look closer at decorator pattern, what problem it solves...

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Configuration in .Net Core 1.1 console project Blog

Almost every application needs some kind of config. We can store it in file, database or cloud. But have we got any solution to help us manage those configs? Configuration Configuration builder provides a way to manage name-value configuration even from multiple sources. As we can read from Microsoft there are configuration providers for: Files ex JSON, XML Command-line arguments Environment variables In-memory objects Encrypted user...

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