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Configuration in .Net Core 1.1 console project Blog

Almost every application needs some kind of config. We can store it in file, database or cloud. But have we got any solution to help us manage those configs? Configuration Configuration builder provides a way to manage name-value configuration even from multiple sources. As we can read from Microsoft there are configuration providers for: Files ex JSON, XML Command-line arguments Environment variables In-memory objects Encrypted user...

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Changing author of the pushed git commit in opensource project Blog

Sometimes we have to change author of the pushed commit. How to do it without much efford? Today I stuck on similar problem. I was using SourceTree to commit some changes to be available on my second computer… Unfortunately I didn’t realise which user is associated with it. Just after push saw wrong author next to the commit. Because I’m not very familiar with console...

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Using Rancher UI to manage docker containers Blog / Project

Hello! Without further ado lets dig into the world of containers! I’ll show how to easily run rabbitmq using rancher on docker 🙂 Plan for this post: What is docker? How to set it up? Basic commands helpfull using docker What is Rancher? How to set it up? Example with running rabbitmq using rancher Sum up What is docker? As we can read on the docker.com docker is...

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