Side Project - week 1

July 09, 2022 | Tags: #holiday-contest #firestarters #course #summary

Reminder - Side Project Idea

To quickly remind the idea of my project: I want to build an online course that will target Junior Developers wanting to become Regulars. I won’t focus on one technology because I don’t think It’s the most important thing. Instead, We’ll focus on writing clean code, thinking long term and giving more value to projects and team through better communication and Involvement.

First-week assumption - Validation

The first thing that should be done before starting a new project is to validate the idea!

Before we get down to work and spend many hours daily to complete the project, we should VALIDATE IT. If it’s done the right way, it can save us a lot of time and money. Not every idea that is borns in our head is a successful one, but it is okay; everyone has it. The trick is validating new ideas and choosing only the right ones quickly.

So let’s take a look how i did it.

Firstly I asked a few Junior Developers, my friends if they would be interested in such a course.
I did it in communication 1:1.

They said YES, I would be interested!

That was a great beginning.
But I could not stop on it. They are my friends, so it could affect the result.

That was time to look outside my network. So I created a form with questions and added it to a few groups (with junior developers) to collect answers.

Below you can find those forms and if you have some time (and you’re dev) fill it up. I will be thrilled :)




Based on the results I’ve gotten till now. I can say that my idea is worth going further. Moreover, I got some ideas about how much it should cost and what I can add to it to make it more valuable, and I’ve got some emails of first interests.

Plans for next week

In short:

  1. Continue gathering form answers
  2. Create Agenda - the plan is to make about 5 modules with 6 lessons in each
  3. Figure out the price
  4. Create lead magnet

*The motivation to start such a project was holiday contest organized in one of the communities I'm part of. It's called Firestarters: the polish community of entrepreneurs*

All for now!
Have a nice day and see you soon!

Written by Jakub.