Side Project - week 3 - done is better than perfect

July 24, 2022 | Tags: #holiday-contest #firestarters #course #summary

tl;dr - What I planned to do and What I’ve done

The plan was:

  1. Create lead magnet - done, created 8 min long video about “5 ways to get promotion faster”.
  2. Create landing page - done, polish version:
  3. Set up ads and gather emails - done.
  4. Second iteration of building agenda - gather materials - in progress

1. Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet is some free item that we can give away for contact details.

Firstly I created infographic for “5 ways to get promoted faster” and I use Canva for that.

Then I decided to record video in which I explain those 5 ways to give even more value.

2. Landing page

After creating lead magnet I’ve created free account on MailerLite and setup a landing page, really simple one:

I’ve also decided that in the first version of the course I’ll focus only on Polish customers and after the successful first edition, I’ll start with English ones.

Then I set up automation: Everyone that join my list -> receive email with link to my private video.

3. Ads and promotion

I use two types of promotion: free and paid. Free - I’ve joined few fb groups and I increase my presence there by helping others and linking to my blog post which also link to my landing page with lead magnet.

Paid - I’ve set up few ads on FB and testing the effectiveness. It’s to early to give a verdict.

4. Building agenda

Sketch is ready, now I focus on gathering more informations that I’ll need for recording. Also the lead magnet video that I’ve recorded contains some points that will be cover more briefly in course.

5. Course Platform

I’m making the course basing on course “Fabryka Kursów” from

This week I watch few videos about choosing the right platform for course hosting. I decided I try WebToLearn next week.

Lessons learned - “Done Is Better Than Perfect”

Done Is Better Than Perfect - I think it is a great rule for starting new projects. On my case: I want to start my course to September, so the first sales happens on August. The goals is to deliver the value as fast as I can, validate the idea and earn first money. If I want to polish every thing like video, landing page, ads etc I would be stuck for months.

Video - I could talk faster and do less breaks, I could record my face and add to the video. But I focused on value and the first feedbacks are that value is great, the rest are just details that I can improve in next iterations.

Landing Page - Could be more fancy, could have better domain. But hey it works - thats enough for now.

Using this rule I was able to: record video, create landing page, setup automation, create ads - everything in one day instead of week or months.

Finance and Tools


  1. Canva - Creating graphics
  2. Screencast o matic - Recording video
  3. Mailerlite - Mailing and landing page
  4. Youtube - Hosting for lead magnet video
  5. Fb Ads - Ads

Spent (from start):

  1. Ads: 135.60 zł

Leads: 11 email addresses.

Plans for next week

  1. Get at least 10 more leads
  2. Prepare for first module recording
  3. Test and choose course platform
  4. Record webinar

The motivation to start such a project was holiday contest organized in one of the communities I’m part of. It’s called Firestarters: the polish community of entrepreneurs

All for now!
Have a nice day and see you soon!

Written by Jakub.