Side Project - week 7 - All hands on deck

August 25, 2022 | Tags: #holiday-contest #firestarters #course #summary

tl;dr - What I planned to do and What I’ve done

The plan was:

  1. Record module 0 - done
  2. Record module 1 - failed
  3. Setup and test full flow for webinar -> landing -> sales - done
  4. Start promoting webinar - doing

It was tough week. I didn’t do the weekly summary in time, I didn’t send my DevNews newsletter, I didn’t do few more things that I plan to do.
And it’s OK. I’m fine with it.

When the deadline comes, We have to prioritize our tasks and focus on our GOAL. My main goal for this week was to start promoting webinar and start selling. And I’ve done this.

1. Record module 0

I had some troubles with sound in my videos, still it’s not perfect, but if you remember: done is better than perfect so in that stage it is good enough.
In the future, this module will be available for free 😉

2. Record module 1

Failed here, but I’ve got the plan to do it on monday.

3. Setup and test full flow for webinar -> landing -> sales

That took me some time… And for sure I under estimated it. But know it’s ready and available in Polish:


I use to host my course and landing pages. So far I can recommend it! Easy setup, great support, they even help me with design problems that I have with landing page.

4. Start promoting webinar

I’m starting with free promoting options, so I post the link to webinar on facebook groups and discord servers I belong to.

Finance and Tools


  1. Canva - Creating graphics
  2. Screencast o matic - Recording video
  3. Mailerlite - Mailing and landing page
  4. Youtube - Hosting for lead magnet video
  5. Fb Ads - Ads
  6. WebToLearn - for course hosting - testing
  7. Fakturownia - Invoices
  8. Webinarkit - Webinars

Spent (from start):

  1. Ads: 233 PLN
  2. Screencast o matic - 56 PLN
  3. Webinar Kit - 380 PLN


Leads: 98 email addresses. (+13)

Plans for next week

  1. Record module 1
  2. First sales
  3. Run my first marathon
  4. Win the Firestarters contest

The motivation to start such a project was holiday contest organized in one of the communities I’m part of. It’s called Firestarters: the polish community of entrepreneurs

All for now!
Have a nice day and see you soon!

Written by Jakub.