Side Project - week 6 - process of creating presentation

August 13, 2022 | Tags: #holiday-contest #firestarters #course #summary

tl;dr - What I planned to do and What I’ve done

The plan was:

  1. Record 1st module - failed
  2. Prepare for next module recording - done
  3. Make sales landing page - instead I’ve made webinar sign up page
  4. Configure invoices and integrations - done

1. Record 1st module

Lack of space to record in quiet is challenging. So this week I just adjust my presentation for module 0 and 1. Recording next week, I’ll send my wife and children for a long walk and I hope I record everything I need.
The good thing is that I receive webinar video after processing so it’s fully prepared to publish.

2. Prepare for next module recording

I’ve created presentation for next module. It takes some time and often 2-3 iterations to do this to the stage that I’m happy with.

Process of creating presentation

Lets stop here for a moment, and dive into the process of creating presentation.

  • I’ve got agenda written out and this is my baseline. By written out I mean I have main module topic, and main topic of each module lesson.
  • Then I write down key points for each lesson. It’s like answering the question “What I want the student to learn”.
  • When that’s ready I open the powerpoint and spend some time to create first draft.
  • It probably won’t be good, but it’ll be the best start point for next iteration.
  • I leave it and then open it back next day. I read it loud and make fixes to make the narration consistent and to cover all key points.
  • After 2-3 iteration I’m getting sth that I’m happy with.

3. Make sales landing page

Failed in this one, but I’ve created and setup whole sign up page for webinar. First webinar starts 22.09 so I want full setup to be ready to that date. By full setup I mean: Webinar sign up, and thank you page -> Sales Landing Page -> Checkout -> Invoices -> Mailing things.

4. Configure invoices and integrations

I choose fakturowania to be my main system for invoices. It integrates well with other platforms I use. This week I configure whole system, mails etc. It’s ready to be integrated 💪

Finance and Tools


  1. Canva - Creating graphics
  2. Screencast o matic - Recording video
  3. Mailerlite - Mailing and landing page
  4. Youtube - Hosting for lead magnet video
  5. Fb Ads - Ads
  6. WebToLearn - for course hosting - testing
  7. Fakturownia - Invoices
  8. Webinarkit - Webinars

Spent (from start):

  1. Ads: 233 PLN
  2. Screencast o matic - 28 PLN
  3. Webinar Kit - 380 PLN


Leads: 85 email addresses. (+20)

Plans for next week

  1. Record module 0
  2. Record module 1
  3. Setup and test full flow for webinar -> landing -> sales
  4. Start promoting webinar

The motivation to start such a project was holiday contest organized in one of the communities I’m part of. It’s called Firestarters: the polish community of entrepreneurs

All for now!
Have a nice day and see you soon!

Written by Jakub.